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World of Warcraft Delays an Arena and Will Disable Shards of Domination in 9.2 Content

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When it comes to  Eternity's End, update 9.2, World of Warcraft will be making two important changes. The first affects Shards of Domination and the second is about one of the two new planned Arenas. 

When it comes to gear,  there were questions from the PTR community on Shards of Domination amid concern they would be too strong and create issues and clash with gear sets. One community member suggested that they should still be able to work in the Maw, Torghast, Korthia, and Sanctum but not let them work anywhere else to avoid any issues. And that is effectively what the developers plan to do. 

In a post confirming the plan, Community Manager Kaivax said that when the Eternity's End update is released, they will disable Shards of Domination in all 9.2 content including Zereth Mortis, the Sepulchre of the First Ones raid and all PVP and dungeons. The shards will still work exactly as before in the Shadowlands zones previously released, the Maw, the Sanctum of Domination raid, and Torghast.

Considering that this resolution was already proposed among the community, The reception was  mixed, with some favoring just getting rid of them out right.  Once they update their development notes for the PTR, we'll be able to see how this works in testing. Some may still think that the shards should go away permanently, but this seems like a balanced decision.

Another change to the original plans Blizzard had for  Eternity's End is the delay of one of the two new Arenas coming. The Enigma Arena is just not where it needs to be just yet, so they’re taking more time to get it right before release. Because of this, they pushed it back to a later content update and it will not be ready for the beginning of season 3. Although the other new Arena, Maldraxxus Coliseum, is still on track. 


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