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World of Warcraft Community Manager Explains How Conduits Work in Shadowlands

A Post-Post Clarification Post

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In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums by community manager Kaivax, questions surrounding how Conduits work in the new Shadowlands expansion were answered. The clarification comes in response to many questions’ players had been asking since Conduits were announced nearly 2 months ago.

The explanation begins with telling players what exactly Conduits are, and how players can obtain them. Here are some excerpts from the post to help clarify Conduits for those that are interested in learning more about them:

  • Conduits are items, and they have item levels like other loot you’ll see in Shadowlands.
  • Like other loot, the higher the Conduit’s item level, the more powerful its effect.
  • Conduits can come from many sources, including dungeon bosses, raid bosses, the PvP vendor, and World Quests and content (via Callings).
  • Conduits go into a collection, making it unnecessary to repeatedly earn individual Conduits at a given item level.
  • Conduits drop as personal loot and are class-based, so they don’t differ based on your active spec or your loot spec.

You can read more about Conduits on the forum in the response post by Kaivax. The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion releases next month.


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