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World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Mastery Bug Fixes Are On the Way, But Be Patient

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World of Warcraft Classic is seeing some complicated issues following the most recent patch. Members of the community are reporting mobs out of place, getting stuck, and other odd and clearly out of place bugs.

The errors in the last patch include broken pathing, where mobs are totally out of place, including in the water but somewhat obscured as if half buried. One community member, Wizpig, made a post in the forums called “Last patch broke SOM”, which summed up some of the blatant issues:

“Mobs in the water ie the turtles in Hillsbrad or the crocodiles in Dustwallow Marsh are all spawned half in the water and half under the earth, when you agro them they swim straight down under the world for 50yards before swimming up another 50 which takes 30seconds plus.

The zeppelins get stuck just before they port over the water.” 

Now, Blizzard has responded, with Aggrend, producer on WoW Classic, chiming in to explain just what they believe is going on and what the timeline for fixing things might look like. And those who are having issues with Season of Mastery right now will have to be patient.

“Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we are aware of the issues with creatures pathing through non-ocean pools of water and are working hard on a fix now. This is a pretty complex issue to fix as it involves modifying the terrain itself in most areas of Azeroth and requires a lot of testing before we can build confidence that our fix didn’t cause other issues.”

Since enough was broken with the last patch that they’re taking the time to test it enough to be sure that things are set back in order, things will take some extra time too. The fix, when tested, will have to be included in the weekly maintenance, but it won’t make the cut for tomorrow’s patch.

For more, see the post over at World of Warcraft.


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