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World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery Goes Live with New Content and Features

Casey Bell Updated: Posted:
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Season of Discovery, a new twist on the World of Warcraft Classic formula, is now live.

Unlike your typical World of Warcraft Classic experience, Season of Discovery servers add new features and content, including class-altering abilities, a new Rune engraving system, and even new endgame activities..The new season also bumps the level cap to 25, offering a progressive endgame experience that shifts as new abilities come online at each level band.

The Rune engraving system allows players to experiment with new builds by removing and applying new abilities to create a unique play experience. Runes can be discovered throughout Azeroth, encouraging players to explore. Some runes will be easily spotted, while others will require a keen eye or even teamwork to acquire.

Season of Discovery also re-imagines existing content. The level 25 Blackfathom Deeps 10-player raid, for example, was formerly a level-up five player dungeon. The reworked dungeon features redesigned boss encounters that should give players new and interesting challenges for their customized builds.

For players who are more inclined towards PvP, Blizzard’s added an outdoor PvP event to Ashenvale and will have the Honor system and Battlegrounds available in-game on day one.


Casey Bell