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World of Warcraft Classic to Feature Alterac Valley v1.12

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The World of Warcraft Classic forum has a new post from community manager Kalvax to let players know that Alterac Valley, a PvP battleground, will be included when PvP is ready to launch. The v1.12 version of Alterac is "before the introduction of reinforcements, and before the removal of Commanders and Lieutenants. There will be a single way to win: Defeating the opposing faction's leader.

It gives us several early improvements to the BG that we’re glad to have in place. Early on in AV, there were too many NPCs and they were too hard to kill. By 1.12, many had been removed and NPC health was brought down to a reasonable level. Turning in armor scraps is an encouraged, supportive activity by this point. Many capture points (mostly graveyards) had been moved away from their initial placements to gain better balance across the map. Korak the Bloodrager was removed, and killing opposing players no longer drops items like Dwarf Spines, Orc Teeth, or Human Bone Chips. Gross.

Read more, including the community's reaction, by visiting the World of Warcraft Classic forum.


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