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World of Warcraft Classic Releases Dire Maul Today Ahead Of Rest Of Phase 2 Content

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World of Warcraft Classic is chugging along amid the recent controversy surrounding Blizzard, as the Dire Maul update for Classic has hit servers today. As previously detailed, Dire Maul was originally slated to hit with the rest of Phase 2 content later this year, however the team decided to release it ahead of the rest of the content. 

The Dire Maul dungeon gives players another challenge in Classic to tackle with this first new content update to World of Warcraft Classic. Players can get into the instance today and start to take on the three-winged instance today as the content went live at 10am per a tweet from the Warcraft Dev twitter account

Additionally, according to WoWHead, the Warlock and Paladin class mount quests are coming with the Dire Maul update. WoWHead also has some handy guides to help newer players who want to unlock these mounts once the quests are live, if interested. 

Phase 2 is still slated to hit this year, but as of this writing there isn't a confirmed date. Phase 2 will include new world bosses, Azuregos and Kazzak, as well as the PvP honor system. 


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