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World of Warcraft Classic Reddit AMA Recap

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Yesterday, the team at Blizzard hosted an AMA on the World of Warcraft Classic Subreddit. There the team answered questions about the upcoming release of WoW Classic, touching on everything from potential microtransactions to performance concerns.

Questions from the community ranged from asking about population size as well as plans in place to ensure a smooth launch. When asked about how Blizzard might handle a larger than expected population the morning of WoW Classic, Blizzard responded saying they had contingencies already in mind, including possibly offering free transfers right after launch to help alleviate overpopulation. . 

"We have contingency plans in place to bring up additional realms quickly if needed. We may also integrate character transfers (this ultimately became a service in original WoW.)

As you can imagine, it’s difficult for us to gauge how many people will come to play Classic and stay on to experience max-level content. Ultimately, we want to see realms with healthy stable populations so we’ll try to match demand without inadvertently creating low population realms in the process.

Other redditors brought up concerns that character boosts and other microtransaction style systems would find their way into WoW Classic. Other than server transfers, though, Blizzard has no plans to do so at the moment. 

A full run down of the Reddit AMA has been posted on the WoW Classic forums. Stay tuned to Monday as Robin breaks down more of the AMA as well as other topics leading into WoW Classic's launch in her Warcraft column. 


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