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World of Warcraft Classic Players Have Already Found All Of The Season of Discovery Runes

Just four days after launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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One of the main reasons that Blizzard didn't put its Season of Discovery up on the World of Warcraft Classic PTR was to retain the mystery of the rune treasure hunt. Well, just four days after launch, they've all been found.

Announced last month during BlizzCon 2023World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery asks (and answers) questions about the MMO's long-running classes, such as "What if a Rogue was also the Tank?" Well, the runes in Season of Discovery let players find out. Yet it wasn't as simple as slapping a rune on and continuing - players had to find them first.

Now, as of yesterday, they have. WoWHead has a list of all 108 Phase 1 rune locations, with them hidden thankfully by spoiler tags, giving eager players a chance to quickly find what they want and go experiment. With Season of Discovery only launching last Thursday, this means it took WoW Classic players all of four days really to find them all. It makes me wonder if we'll see a change to how Blizzard enacts the "Discovery" part of Phase 2 when it eventually launches.

I do appreciate that there is a guide here, though, for those players who maybe want to experiment but don't have the time for the treasure hunt. I mean, that Warlock Tank isn't going to absorb those blows without the right runes to protect them right away. But, spoilers beware for those who still want to unlock these runes without the help.

Have you been playing Season of Discovery for yourself? What crazy builds have you come up with? Let us know in the comments.


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