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World of Warcraft Classic EU Realms WILL Include French & German Servers After All

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Last month, Blizzard went on record regarding the upcoming EU realm structure for World of Warcraft Classic by saying that only English and Russian servers would be available. However, after spirited community feedback, Blizzard has responded. When Classic launches on August 27th, EU players will find English, Russian, German and French realms. 

We really appreciate the high degree of interest and passionate feedback we’ve seen on this subject for the last few days. Our plan is to have English, French, German, and Russian language realms designated in the final stress test. While we haven’t yet finalized the numbers of realms and realm types for each language, we’ll let you know those details before name reservations start on August 13.

Overall, the Classic community seems appreciative of Blizzard's response to feedback.

Read the full thread on the World of Warcraft Classic forum.


Suzie Ford

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