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 World of Warcraft Brings Back Valor Points on the Public Test Realm - And More

Hooray for Upgradeable Gear

Steven Weber Posted:
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Community Manager Kaivax updated the forums earlier with a series of changes that are headed to World of Warcraft’s Public Test Realm. Patch 9.0.5 will bring back Valor Points to Upgradeable Mythic Keystone Gear and apply tuning to Legendary items and Covenant abilities.

The Public Test Realm changes are considerably different than usual patches, as Kaivax explains that it focuses on systems in response to community feedback. Upgradeable Mythic Keystone Gear is one of the changes players will see on the PTR. Players will be able to upgrade Mythic Keystone Gear from 200 to level 220 by completing certain achievements, along with Valor points, which can be earned by completing the Mythic Keystone dungeons or covenant Callings.

“This update will be a bit different from our usual patches. It’s focused almost entirely on systems, responding to community feedback about rewards, doing tuning that requires the sort of notice and iteration that a PTR allows, and fixing a range of bugs that are beyond the scope of our ability to hotfix.”

- Kaivax, Community Manager, World of Warcraft

Covenant ability and Legendary item tuning will also be a major change that players will see in 9.0.5. Kaviax has mentioned that balancing these systems has been a touchy subject, considering the resources players have invested in those systems. Still, changes are coming, and the PTR is the perfect place for players to give their feedback on anything before it hits the live servers. Blizzard has been working hard at bringing fixes and further tuning to World of Warcraft after their successful launch of their Shadowlands expansion. 


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