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World of Warcraft - AMD Radeon Promo Gives Shadowlands Away With RX 5600, 5700 Purchase

You Plus AMD Equals Shadowlands Free

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a tweet from the official World of Warcraft twitter account, Blizzard is providing a free copy of Shadowlands with the purchase of an AMD Radeon RX 5700 or RX 5600 series graphics card. They are also kindly reminding everyone that their animated short series premiere will be in one hour on Opening Night Live. The series will focus on a story related directly to Shadowlands, which is the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft.

The tweet regarding the promotion with AMD is a boon to World of Warcraft fans looking to upgrade their video cards, and receive Shadowlands for free in the process.

In addition to the Radeon RX promotion, players keen on learning more about the Shadowlands world will undoubtedly delight in checking out the animated series that premieres on Opening Night Live in less than an hour.   

With Shadowlands looming as the next big thing in World of Warcraft and the ongoing beta getting updated and patched regularly, Afterlives will surely tide you over until Shadowlands releases later this year.


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