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World of Warcraft Alliance Players to Receive War Mode Assistance

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Several World of Warcraft "blue posts" cropped up overnight with news about a new WoW forum system, some help incoming for Allies when in War Mode and that the fifth ring on Azerite armor is coming in January.

War Mode allows players to toggle PvP on and opens up opportunities for open world PvP. However, since the system's arrival, many players have felt that there is gross imbalance between Horde players with War Mode toggled on and Alliance players. At the beginning, devs felt that many Alliance players had poor experiences getting "ganked" by large bands of Horde players, resulting in most turning it off. 

At BlizzCon, developers suggest a pair of ideas: 1) deploy a hotfix "which enforces all War Mode shards that have both Alliance and Horde in them to have a stricter, more even ratio; and 2) incentivise use of War Mode for Alliance players. According to a blue post from one of the community team members, metrics are showing "a significant improvement in fair and balanced shards". In addition, devs "have plans for Patch 8.1 to entice the underrepresented faction with greater rewards to increase participation". What those rewards will be remains to be seen.

The Azerite Armor system has been under a great deal of scrutiny with many complaining that the traits that can be chosen are lackluster and provide uninspired stats or effects to players. One of the solutions developers are nearly ready to deploy into the game is an additional "fifth ring" of traits. According to a blue post, the fifth ring of traits is coming with v8.1 but won't be seen on armor pieces until the Dazar'alor Raid opens in January. 

At that time, the item levels of rewards from dungeons, PvP, emissaries, Warfronts, and everything else that drops Azerite gear will go up, and all of the new Azerite gear from those endgame sources will have a fifth ring of Azerite Traits.

Lastly, the World of Warcraft forums are finally being brought into line with the other games' forums. Starting later today, the current forums will be "read only" as the new forums are enabled. The transition is to start at 8:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Eastern and will take about 8 hours.

Here’s a few of the new features we’re excited about: Tracking and Updates

  • The Blizz Tracker has returned to help you quickly find official posts
  • You can now easily find threads that you’ve previously viewed
  • Better text formatting
  • Threads now update in real time without needing to refresh
  • Threads now infinitely scroll – no more navigating page by page
  • The forums will also remember what you’ve read and where you left off!

Sorting and Search

  • A new “Advanced Search” feature will make looking for older posts easier
  • You can now sort posts by “Top” or “Latest” with configurable timeframes.


  • You can now enable notifications for when you are tagged in posts and replies


  • The “report post” feature has been upgraded to a flagging system with multiple options

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Suzie Ford

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