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World of Warcraft Adding Hand Glow to Extensive Nightborne Customization in 9.1.5

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Development on update 9.1.5 for World of Warcraft is still ongoing, and we're learning more about just what to expect when it arrives. Testing is underway on the PTR, and now we know more about the extensive customization options coming for Nightborne characters.

A new announcement comes in noting that Nightborne characters will get glowing hand customization options. With testing for female Nightborne hand glow coming on the next PTR, the team shared the enthusiastic adoption of the requested feature. "There has been passionate feedback for Nightborne to have the hand glow effect that is seen on some Nightborne NPCs," read the update post. Testing for the male glowing hand customization options will be added in a later build

This is in addition to previously released customization info for Nightborne. These options will be head to toe customization for both male and female Nightborne characters when the final update is released. Female Nightborne will get six hair colors, a whole bunch of hair decoration options, hair styles, necklaces, jaw, and face jewelry choices with the ability to pick the jewelry colors, body and face tattoos, and eye options. Males will get a similar group of options, with differences coming in having a chin decoration, mustache, and headdress options.

 Glowing hands are just the beginning. Overall, these new customizations are coming along with some other customization in the upcoming release, including options for the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elf, although the work for the Nightborne is much more extensive. These options are part of a huge number of changes and additions that Blizzard is adding as part of this update, affecting everything from the early game experience, some quality of life issues, and more customization based on feedback that will let players, new and old, make some characters that are closer to what they envision.


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