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World of Titans Team Updates on Changes, New Logo, and Testing Phase Plans

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It has been a long while since anyone has heard anything from World of Titans. The MMO in development  was forced to close its demo earlier this year, and there have been a few scattered updates since. 

The closure of the demo before the original end date of May 1st was attributed to a technical issue, and the team promised to focus on Unreal Engine 5. Now, with a recent announcement and a shiny new logo, it seems that Archage Studios is preparing to pull back the curtain a bit on what they have in the near future.

“Our team has been working endlessly to create a new world that invites players into something unique and new! Something that brings back the love of classic MMORPG gameplay. Granted, those who did play the demo will notice a complete difference in the new version, as we migrated away from the style we originally intended for World of Titans. We have gone with a more classic approach with spell casting, targeting and more seamless combat. This will be a great place for new players as well as skilled MMO players to jump in and not have to completely learn a new or complex system.”

While we don’t know just yet what to expect from the announcement, the changes described do seem like a brand new chapter for the project. World of Titans was originally inspired by some of the ideas in the failed project that was TitanReach, though the studios have no connection. The original World of Titans announcement seemed to want to combine old-school MMO structure with something “innovative”. Now, we’ll have to see just what has changed over the months.

There's no word yet on when they will be giving  more details on all of the changes. The new update says that they're getting closer to a closed testing stage, and with that, they will be granting Founder's Pack access before a public test sometime later this year.

It seems like things are moving fast, but we'll have to wait and see until the team is ready to present more of what they've been working on. 


Christina Gonzalez

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