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World of Titans Rises From the Ashes of TitanReach Under a New Developer

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TitanReach is dead, long live World of Titans? It seems that there may be new life in some of the ideas behind what was to be TitanReach before the project was shut down last year after an attempt to pivot into a blockchain game.

Developer Archage Studios claims to have no connection to TitanReach developer Square Root Studios. Yet sometime last year, after Square Root Studios shut down after announcing that TitanReach was being scrapped, this new developer took over on social accounts, even posting #TitanReachTakeover on Twitter. 

If you missed the flaming out of TitanReach, the crowdfunded, old school MMO-inspired project used a month to month crowdfunding model after failing to fund on Kickstarter. The developer announced that the game would be going back into private development despite the interest from the community and financial backing, because they were running out of money. Then an “angel investor” supposedly gave Square Root Studios enough of an investment to fully fund the project. This didn't last long, because development finally shut down completely after lead developer Unravel noted that the plans behind this funding were to turn the game into a blockchain based game.  After the shutdown, the social media accounts, Discord and website disappeared.

In our coverage last month, Steven noted that a new studio, Archage had picked up the game’s social accounts and declared their faith in the vision of TitanReach. It looked like they would try and crowdfund the game again, and “bring it justice” and  it appears that they've done that, yet under a new name. 

Initially, it seems they wanted to continue to use TitanReach, but now their project is called World of Titans.With that title’s history, that name does carry a lot of baggage, especially with the NFT and crypto plan, the allegations of fraud, the money running dry, and the initial crowdfunding failure. 

Archage has launched a new Kickstarter to crowdfund this new vision of “an open-world MMO full of adventure, PvE, PvP, raids, dungeons, and so much more”. We’ll have to see if TitanReach’s successor can make it out of the gate this time. There's also a demo out on Steam.


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