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World of Tanks Update 1.9 Outlines Balance Changes

3 main areas of focus

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Balance change are coming to World of Tanks in Update 1.9.

Three main elements are outlined for Update 1.9, namely HP and ammo rack capacity increase for low-tier vehicles, tech tree changes, and collectors’ vehicles.

All Tier I-VI vehicles will now receive slightly new HP values with the team citing better overall performance, a better transition to top-tier vehicles, consistent durability progression, and helping new players learn faster and become better.

Tech tree changes include a better UI, with new players as the primary audience. Some items will be moved around as well,

“After its visual update and the relocation of low-Tier tanks, it will be easier for everyone to navigate and calculate their optimal research path. The central branch will be the clearest and simplest — this will be the branch of heavy tanks. From there, there will be transitions to medium tanks and tank destroyers. Artillery at the top and light tanks at the bottom will frame the Tech Trees.”

Finally collectors’ vehicles release will see all collectible tanks remaining in the garage. Additionally, only credits will be required to purchase collectible vehicles, as XP will no longer be required. Check out the full post here for a FAQ on collectors’ vehicles.


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