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World of Tanks Teams Up With Warhammer 40k for Season 8 Battle Pass

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There's a new season of World of Tanks’ Battle Pass, and this pass will be different because there will be a collaboration from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Season 8 is coming on May 31st and bringing story chapters and customization options with 40k style.

The collaboration features three main chapters with 50 stages each that you can complete however you like. Each of these chapters will feature 3D Styles inspired by Warhammer 40,000 factions. When you complete each chapter,  you'll  get a commander that reflects that faction. So if you are inclined to join the Ultramarines, the Death Guard, or the Evil Sunz Orks, you can get started on the season May 31st through August 30th. This should give you time to complete one, two, or even all three chapters.

The story will concern a legendary artifact known as the Standard Template Construct. Your commanders are Volusad Thassius of the Ultramarines,  Volgoth Sepk of the Death Guard, and Kroglin da Facegrinda of the Evil Suns. They all have different goals, of course, with the Ultramarines wanting to secure the STC and use it against the Imperium’s enemies, the Death Guard seeking to use it to cause chaos and destruction, and the Orks, well, “Red’uns Go Faster”.

If you’re familiar with the grimdark Warhammer 40k universe and its factions, then you’ll get just where some of this might be going. The collaboration adds some distinct flavor to the new Battle Pass campaign from one of the most well-known IPs. The tank commanders will also have their weapons and accessories reflects the 3D styles of their factions. 

So what else will this mean for you? In addition to regular rewards this will also be the first season were you can accumulate enough Battle Pass tokens to get the new Cobra, which is a tier IX British medium tank.

For more, you can head to the official announcement at World of Tanks.


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