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World of Tanks Blitz's North America Cup Starts Tonight Vying For Part Of A $50K Prize Pool

Runs November 18th - 19th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World of Tanks Blitz's North America Cup kicks off tonight, with the best teams in the region squaring off for a piece of a $50,000 prize pool. The Blitz North America Cup sees four teams take the stage and compete for the champion title in this third part of the biggest regional World of Tanks Blitz tournament.

The tournament is the third in a four-part tournament series from across the world, with the first and second events in the Blitz Cup 2021 series already concluded. [-ID-] Team ID took the first place prize in the Blitz APAC cup while [7STAR] 7Star brought home top billing at the Blitz CIS Cup. The Blitz North America Cup is the third event in the series with the Blitz Europe Cup closing everything out next weekend on November 25 through the 26th.

Participating in the tournament this weekend are four of North America's strongest teams:

  • [JKR[ Jokers
  • [PURPL] Leverage
  • [RGN] Reign
  • [PRAMO] Battle Buddies

The participants range from newly formed underdogs such as Jokers, who only formed up  just before the Spring 2021 season began (and have since won two championships), or the even newer Leverage. The wily veteran squad from Reign has dominated quite a few WoT Blitz tournaments since forming in 2018, including winning the 2020 Blitz North America Cup. Rounding out the team roster are another new team, Battle Buddies, which include members of the famous WoT Blitz PRAMO clan.

This is the second year the team at Wargaming are hosting the tournament online, with all the challenges that presets. However, in a press release Natalia Pershyts, the Publishing Product Director at WoT Blitz seems excited at the prospect of this years NA Cup and what it brings to players and viewers alike.

"This is now the second year running that we have held the Blitz Cup championship online. We aimed at making it not just a tournament, but a dazzling spectacle with something to offer both competitive eSports players and casual viewers alike. The former will get a chance to show off their skills and win a title and a cash prize, while the latter will see the show of a lifetime and get a chance to win in-game prizes such as useful resources, camouflage, and premium tanks!”

Players are looking to lock up a large chunk of a $50,000 prize pool, but viewers can also earn rewards by watching the action on the official World of Tanks Blitz channel when the first match kicks off this evening. As to what you can earn, players can win warpaints, avatars, premium accounts and much more.  According to the official website, rewards will be conferred to your account a few hours after tonight's stream ends (running from 7pm PT through 10:30pm PT). 

The Blitz North America Cup runs from November 18th through the 19th with the first match kicking off this evening at 7pm PT. You can check out all the action on the official website.


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