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World of Tanks Blitz Is Out Now On Switch

Free to play, plus trailer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The World of Tanks series gets a release on Switch called World of Tanks Blitz, out now.

The free-to-play game features over 350 unique and exclusive combat vehicles with elaborate 3D models. These vehicles include historically accurate modeling, experimental tanks based on blueprints of famous engineers, and armored monsters from popular alternative universes.

You’ll also be able to participate in 7x7 battles in over 25 arenas. You’ll be able to research vehicles from Tier I tanks to monstrous Tier X machines. Change guns, set equipment, wear camouflage, and increase your survival odds. You can also tune your combat vehicle to match your playstyle and strike opponents.

The Switch version also features optimized graphics specifically for the console, with TV mode running at 1080p 30fps, and handheld mode running at 720p 30fps. Additionally, some Switch-exclusive content is available in the form of a unique camo and avatar. You do not need an Switch Online membership to play.


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