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World of Tanks Blitz Gets a Graphics Bump for 7th Anniversary

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Do you like shinier graphics? Do you like tanks? How about tanks with shinier graphics? Well, if you answered “yes” to those oddly specific questions, you’ll be happy to know World of Tanks Blitz is receiving a graphics upgrade for its 7th anniversary.

The graphics overhaul will arrive as part of Update 8.0 which has just recently launched. In addition to the better graphics, Update 8.0 also brings a new line of American heavy tanks alongside its 7th anniversary celebrations.

Product Director Andrey Ryabovol noted in the press release,

“World of Tanks Blitz has a tradition of dropping important updates and adding special activities on its anniversaries to celebrate them together with the community. This June, we treat our player base to a slew of long-developed improvements to graphics that will make the battlefield visual experience even more realistic without impacting the performance, a new U.S. tank line with a fresh mechanic, and lots of fun modes and events.

To express gratitude to our fans for their keen interest and valuable feedback over the years, Blitz will pay respect to their in-game achievements with seniority awards this month. Happy birthday, World of Tanks Blitz!”

The World of Tanks Blitz graphics overhaul includes more  realistic suspension behavior, sticky mud and snow, better wet shaders, and much more. If you want to take part in the birthday celebrations, check out the full schedule of festivities here. And for more details on what all launched alongside Update 8.0, check out the full details here.


Poorna Shankar