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World of Tanks Begins Terminator 2: Judgment Day Collaborations

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World of Tanks’ latest collaboration is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. 

This Terminator 2 collaboration begins today and runs through January 26th in World of Tanks PC.  Some of the goodies you can add to your collection via Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day include  a T-800 inspired Terminator-832 tank, new tank skins inspired by Skynet, the T-1000, and the T2: Judgment Day “Step into Eternity” skin. There are also inscriptions, 2D style camouflages that are based on some of the films scenes, and of course special commanders direct from the T2 universe.

The campaign itself runs for 50 stages so you can participate automatically in the event because this event is a special one where you don't need to activate progression as you would in a regular battle pass. This is an event, and your four commanders that you can work with are Sarah Connor, John Connor, the T-800, and the T-1000. 

As part of the event you can get a Judgment Day collection from the Battle Pass including a  set of Terminator 2 themed items and characters, from inscriptions, decals, and of course the Commanders themselves.  

There’s a special version for World of Tanks Blitz on its platforms. The event is a little bit different, and it's called Operation Hasta la Vista. In this event you'll have to protect John Connor from the fighters sent back in time by Skynet to kill him. you'll be able to grab the tier VI Cyborg tank and a T-800 camo. Are you also get a chance to increase your past level and get more rewards. if you have a premium pass, you'll also unlock even more goods. This event will run through January 31st. 

For more on the event in World of Tanks PC see the announcement here. And head to World of Tanks Blitz for Operation Hasta La Vista.


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