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World Boss Rush Returns to Guild Wars 2 Tomorrow

Runs until August 25

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, world boss rush for Guild Wars 2 is set to return tomorrow, August 18. Here are the details.

The event will run until August 25. You’ll be able to gain boxes of goods when you participate in these world boss events. The more bosses you defeat, and the more difficult the bosses, the more boxes of goods you’ll receive for your heroic efforts.

There is a community goal as well, featuring several tiers. Each tier includes various rewards and more. These community goal rewards will be dealt out on August 25 at 10:01 PDT. You’ll have until 4p PDT on September 8 to collect them.

As an example, here are the lowest and highest community tiers to achieve:

Tier 1

  • 3 Celebration Boosters
  • 4,500 karma
  • 5 Guild Gold from Kills Banners
  • 3 Spirit Banners

Tier 5

  • 3 Celebration Boosters
  • 4,500 karma
  • 5 Guild Heroes Banners
  • 20 Blue Prophet Shards
  • 20 Red Prophet Shards
  • 20 Green Prophet Shards
  • Endless Shiny Chest Tonic

You can learn more about this world boss rush event here.


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