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Woosa and Maegu Each Expand to All Black Desert Platforms Next Week

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The second twin class is coming soon to all Black Desert platforms. Woosa, is headed to Black Desert Mobile on January 17th, while sister Maegu is coming on January 16th to Black Desert Online.

The Twin Class sisters each debuted on different platforms, with the arrival of the other sister to come sometime this month.  Woosa will be making the jump with her graceful moves and elemental attacks performed with the Do Arts. She uses her fan to knock enemies back with wind. Using Sagoonja: Plum, she can create beautiful and powerful combinations. Some of her skills  see her leaping up high to dodge enemy attacks and to leap again, to swing her fan and create a storm that works as an AOE attack that inflicts damage in an extended range, and she can even use her passive to reduce PVP and skill damage from enemies. 

Maegu also uses Do but in a different way. “Maegu, who struck a deal with a revered fox spirit, is a master of the Jwado School, who turns the world red with her spirit magic,” says her official description. She uses the fox spirit charm to channel spells that can debuff and interrupt enemies, and she can even create a doppelganger.

To mark Woosa’s arrival in Black Desert Mobile, there are a couple of events. The Woodo School Training Prep daily missions are a good start. Completing these missions from the school where Woosa trained can net you supplies and rewards that will help you progress. On January 17th when she arrives, you can also get a special chest with rare weapons from the event tab.

Also arriving soon is J's Hammer, an item that got quite the round of applause when it was announced to be coming during December's Calpheon Ball. The item will be available soon from the Black Desert website.

Maegu’s arrival in Black Desert Online has a pre-release event where you can sign up starting today. You can apply to play Maegu by checking out this GM update.


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