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Woodcutters' Grove and Woodcutting Update Arrive in RuneScape

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The Woodcutters’ Grove has arrived in RuneScape. The new addition to Fort Forthinry is here, along with  Woodcutting rebalances, and events.

You will be able to set up your Grove and supply your fort with materials and be a place where you can level up your Woodcutting. The update introduces a lumberjack/grovekeeper named oak, and Oak will help you get set up. The fort gets an extension with a cabin for Oak, where he will manage the adjacent grove and cultivate it. You'll be able to also build a new addition, the Eastern Gate, which will be an easy way to the grove. 

The update also brings a few changes to Woodcutting itself to help bring it in line with other skills, including a tree rebalance and a hatchet rebalance. Among the trees you'll have include acadia, elder, magic, maple, and yew trees. These trees will be available to make new planks and wooden frames. Wood Boxes will store your choppedwoos,and a nwq

Level up the Grove and you’ll unlock more trees to plant and take advantage of, and a new hatchet, the best in slot T80 Imcando. This new hatchet is augmentable, and you'll begin unlocking fragments of the hatchet once you unlocked tier three of the Grove. After you find enough of them, you'll be able to get your new hatchet assembled. 

Also in the update is a new event, Parcels from the Dead. Running from today through July 17th, you'll have to help Postie Pete who has lost a bunch of dead people’s wills. Oops. You’ll have to find them while you’re out doing things like skilling, or using Treasure Hunter keys. Find them and exchange them for Forgotten Belongings. These come in small/white, medium/blue, large/purple, and Soulful and will give you rewards when opened. 

Those rewards include Soul dye, a luminescent dye that you can get from any category, but guaranteed from Soulful level belongings. The Soul Witch outfit, titles, and more fun to be discovered.

The team has also refreshed the Treasure Hunter calendar, and settled on  just how they will update the Completionist Cape requirements 

For more, see the full update over at RuneScape.


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