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Wolcen's Hotfix Squashes A Lot of Bugs

Like...a lot

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new hotfix for Wolcen has been released which aims to squash a vast swathe of bugs.

The bug fix list is quite lengthy and touch on active skills modifier, Fury’s Divergence, Discordant, an issue with Warbeast’s Relentless and a bunch more. Here’s a selection, but be sure to click here to check out the full list of fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Active Skills Modifier increasing or decreasing a skill's damage would not affect the bonus damage gained by gaining skill level.
  • Fixed an issue causing parts of the Gate of Fades to not be active upon connection until the wheel was rotated.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the portal at the end of an expedition to not spawn.
  • Fixed an issue causing yellow rectangles to be displayed on screen when pressing tab several times in a row.
  • Fury’s Divergence (Unique Gauntlet) : Enemies killed now properly explode and deal damage in an Area-of-Effect.
  • Discordant (Unique Chest-Piece) : Globes picked up now properly explode and deal damage in an Area-of-Effect.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the player to stack an item’s statistics for the current game session using the Jeweler Zanafer Stark’s UI.
  • Fixed an issue causing the trail to sometimes not generate during Chapter 1, causing softlock issues.


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