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Wolcen's April Dev Update Shows Off UI Changes and Global Balancing Plans

Steven Weber Posted:
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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has come a long way from its official Steam release back in 2020. After introducing the Aegis of Stormfall update earlier this year, the team at WOLCEN Studio has continued to implement changes and fixes to make the game more enjoyable for their fans.

Originally titled Umbra when the developers created, and successfully funded, their Kickstarter back in 2016, Wolcen has made some great strides through the years. These advancements include releasing the game on Steam back in 2020, and introducing three new major content updates. The latest major content update premiered back in January of 2022, called the Aegis of Stormfall, which introduced the War Table feature. The War Table allowed players to participate in 4 new end game activities: Cursebreaker, Onslaught, Headhunt, and Sabotage.

New monsters, armor, environments and damage modifiers were also added on top of the many bug fixes. Now, after nearly 4-months of updates, their recent monthly update has introduced some planned changes to the UI and balance. In their Steam update, they also toot their own horn related to the enormous number of bugs the team has squashed over the years:

This month we wanted to look back on the progress made by our Quality Assurance team and bug fixers over the months. Since launch, they have squashed over 2300 bugs: both old and new; minor and major; straightforward and multifaceted. Over that time, we have delivered 44 patches, averaging just over 52 fixes per patch.

-WOLCEN Studios, Steam page

The team also details some of the big upcoming changes to both balance and the UI. The new UI changes the tooltips and will be part of the Controller Support update that is headed down the pipe soon.

As for balancing, the team is somewhat disappointed by the limited number of builds players are using for end game, so the new global balancing pass they have planned will address skills and combinations that they deem as “unfeasible at particular difficulty levels”. The changes will be focused around making nearly any build effective at the highest challenge tiers. Are you looking forward to any of these upcoming changes? Hit us up in our comments section and let us know.


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