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Wolcen Team Will Fix Issues Before Adding Features

Improving before features

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest development update from Wolcen devs discuss their immediate focus of fixing issues before improving features.

The development update comes after the release of Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail on December 3. If you recall, a recent patch aimed to fix a bunch of issues. You can read about that patch here. This development update, however, is specifically about fixing issues from Bloodtrail from December.

They state (emphasis theirs),

“Right now our teams are fully focused on categorising & fixing issues sorted by priority. The information you have provided us with has been instrumental in helping us track down and fix these issues.”

They state that they want to get the game in a “satisfying state” before improving Bloodtrail,

Our goal is to release our updates on a regular basis in order to improve Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail as much as we can. Once we have reached a satisfying state for the game, then we can begin to work on improving it with new features.”

The team is also working on adding a beta test branch, though there’s no date on this yet.k


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