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Wolcen Patch Brings Balancing and Improvements

More fixes, all the fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Balance tweaks and various improvements are abound in Wolcen patch

A few abilities received a balancing pass such as Aether Jump, Anvil’s Woe, Arctic Spear, Eclipse, Gunslinger’s Brand, Havoc Orb, various Summons, and Talon shot. Improvements were doled out to the quest reward window being moved to the left side, in addition to globes exploding having sound effects, and reducing the size of sparks.

A bunch of bug fixes are also in tow and include:

  • Fixed an issue where Heimlock could disappear from his arena during the boss fight in Chapter 3.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Ondar to be brought out of its narrative mission into other end-game activities.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying a ”Corrupted Heart” before the quest feed displays the quest to do it would cause the player to be softlocked during the Chapter 2 quest “Journey Into Madness”.
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple "Worthy Enemy" quests to be displayed in the quest feed when launching the “Champion of Stormfal”l mode for the first time.

In case you missed it, the team recently noted that they’re committed to fixing issues before adding features. You can catch up on that news here.


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