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Wolcen Hotfix Aims to Fix Tons of Bugs

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new hotfix for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, specifically hotfix, has released for the game and aims to squash a ton of bugs.

The bug fixes vary in type from error messages, game crashes, taking random fire damage, no sound feedback, key bindings, and more. Here’s a sampling of just some of the bugs which have been addressed by hotfix

  • Fixed an issue preventing the trees from blocking projectiles in Garadalug Bowels.
  • Fixed an issue causing ragdolls to still be visible during cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the tooltip of the Gate of Fates node 'Flurrying Flames' to be displayed at the start of the game without hovering it.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the trail to be properly highlighted during Chapter 1 Quest “Bane of the Storm”.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a player that joined a game session during “The Only Lead” to walk through the gates and other blockers.
  • Fixed an issue where the secondary objectives would stay displayed in the quest feed after leaving the narrative mission.


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