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Wolcen Bloodstorm Patch Adds New Environments, Fixes Bugs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Wolcen Studio, the developers behind ARPG Wolcen, have released a new patch for Bloodstorm. This patch continues to improve dodge roll, while adding new environments, variants, big fixes, balancing changes, and much more.

Bloodstorm is the first content update for their Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail release. Recently, the team has focused on continuing to improve the experience, specifically dodge roll. An update last month enabled the ability for dodge roll to go through enemies by default.

This patch, Patch, brings new additions to the game in form of four new environments. These environments include

  • Aberrant Bluffs
  • Aberrant Halls of Adrastis
  • Infested Adrigion Woodlands
  • Infested Primordial Catalyst

13 environment variants were also added to support these. A quality of life improvement now sees all damage type conversions selectable for free. This means damage increase for these conversions have been removed, however. The update also introduces a bunch of bug fixing like performance and more,

  • Fixed overall performance issues happening when applying certain buffs or debuffs to the player character.
  • Fixed performance issues happening when performing a critical hit while the unique shoulder “Edayo’or’s Triumph” was equipped.
  • Fixed performance issues happening when using “Duskshroud”.
  • Fixed an issue where dying to the Chapter 1 Boss could softlock the character by making the red portal to enter his arena unclickable.
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX and hitbox for the secondary entrance of the Tainted Primordial Superstructure would not match.

These new environments for the Bloodstorm content update follow comments in February in which the team stated that they were going to fix issues before adding features. Regarding the update cadence, they stated at the time,

“Our goal is to release our updates on a regular basis in order to improve Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail as much as we can. Once we have reached a satisfying state for the game, then we can begin to work on improving it with new features.”


Poorna Shankar