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Wizard101's Spring Update Brings Content For New And Veteran Players Alike With New Boss Fights And Social Features

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Wizard101's major spring update is live, bringing with it new boss fights, social options and more for players new and veteran alike.

The spring updat ehas gone live in the MMORPG, bringing new content such as changes to AOE spells, social options to get players to join you in an adventure and even more.

Via the press release this morning:

"Players will find new bosses to defeat, new team-based events with special rewards to acquire for all participants, and new ‘Meet Your Fellow Wizards’ socialization features that make it easier than ever to find other players."

The Meet Your Fellow Wizards feature lets players easily find those who are looking to quest get into groups and go forward with them. According to the official notes on the Wizard101 website, the new Social button will display a list of players looking for others to quest with, showing their level, current main-line quest, school and more. Players can easily teleport to those friendly Wizards to start taking on the challenges ahead together.

Today's update also brings with it support for Wizard101's 64-bit client, though for those still playing on older operating systems this could see some issues. Wizard101 states that the new requirements will support OS' of at least Windows 7 and macOS Big Sur and beyond.

Wizard101's spring update also sees many new combat balance changes coming, as well new Beastforms, Skeleton Key bosses, and more. Check out the full update notes on the Wizard101 website. Seth preivewed the Spring update for us on the test realm earlier this month. Check out his thoughts.


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