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Wizard101 Previews Its Sizzling Summer Update on the Test Realm

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If you're looking for a bit of vacation fun, look no further than the Wizard101 Test Realm. The "Sizzling Summer Update," the upcoming patch showcases the Wizard City overhaul, a shiny updated new user experience, improvements to Quick Sell, and several other features that haven't yet been added but are incoming. This includes more Deckathalon fun, a new Spiral Showcase, the "Beastmoon Hunt" event and the brand new Scroll of Fortune. In short, it is jam-packed with awesome sauce!

Wizard City's complete graphic overhaul is considered complete thanks to the new coat of paint on Crab Alley. It was the last zone in the starter area to be updated making the entire city is fresh and shiny new. Wizard City also has an awesome new color scheme that is well worth the time to check out on the Test Realm.

The first hours of gameplay have also received a much-needed overhaul. "Way back when, most computers had just a fraction of the horsepower they do today. This limited our ability to produce life-like scenes and animations, though I think you'll agree that we did a pretty good job with the tools we had at the time." But everything can use updating, especially after a decade and the new user experience should impress.

The article goes on to preview the new "Beastmoon Hunt" event that "is a new team-based, goal-oriented Event designed to bring Wizards together in a fun and friendly competitive event". Teams of 4-8 Wizards will duke it out in a Domination battle for supremacy. Points are earned by defeating the other team and holding Battle Rings in the arena. The match ends either when time runs out or one team manages to score 100 points. Of course, there are some pretty sweet prizes too including emotes, pet jewels, Beast Form unlocks, permanent Beast Form upgrades and a themed robe.

In the Beastmoon Hunt, Wizards polymorph themselves into a variety of different Beast Forms, join a Team, and battle other Wizards in a match! Each Beast Form has a different set of Spells and Stats, making combat with each one unique. Also, like the Deckathalon, your Wizard level, stats, and items don’t affect this game mode, so everyone in the Spiral (over level 10) can be your opponents or allies! 

Check out the full Test Realm preview on the Wizard101 site.


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