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With Three Simultaneous FFXIV Gold Saucer Events, It's A Great Time To Grind MGP

Get on that grind until May 31st

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Need a way to kill time before Dawntrail pops up? Might we recommend a light bit of skill-based gaming? Final Fantasy 14 currently has three in-game “events” running that encourage you to join the Gold Saucer’s shiny madness until the end of next week, and each provides a different perk. 

Firstly, the annual Gold Saucer-themed Make It Rain event returned this year, providing a 50% bump to all Manderville Gold Points earned. This is for everything from the Mini Cactpot to the many mini-games around the area, as well as the GATEs that take place every 20 minutes. (You can also earn the Imp costume, apparently requested by the creator of Final Fantasy himself, through a quest that starts in Ul’dah.)

While it doesn’t provide MGP, there’s also the second part of the Moogle Treasure Trove event happening until just before Dawntrail maintenance. Completing GATEs will give you 1-10 tomes, depending on the event and success, so you’d better get good. 

Between GATEs, the Fall Guys collaboration made its return to the Gold Saucer. These take just under 10 minutes, so it’s a great way to kill time waiting for the more standard Gold Saucer events. 

Plus, if you’re part of a Free Company with some small amount of usable company credits, you can grab the Jackpot bonus, which gives a 5% extra boost on base MGP earned. Even if it’s small, hey, might as well use it while you’re still grinding. 

Unfortunately, this triple-whammy only goes until the first event closure, with Make It Rain taking place until May 31st at 7:00 a.m. But if you need something to do during the long American weekend (or to avoid the early pre-summer sunlight), it’s a great time to be a degenerate. 


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