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With PC Framerate Issues and PS5 Not Saving Progress, Bandai Namco Promises Fixes for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring officially launched today and now Bandai Namco is responding to reports of performance issues on both PC and console. These range from framerate issues on PC to games not being saved on PlayStation 5. For the issues that need fixes, the company’s message gives us an idea of when to expect patches.

Among the launch issues on the PC are framerate issues, mouse oversensitivity, and the included Easy Anti-Cheat not properly launching when the associated Steam account features certain “multibyte” characters. An example of the latter is the use of kanji.  Issues with mouse sensitivity and the anti-cheat will be fixed in patches to be released soon.

When it comes to framerate and performance issues, they vow  that work on these matters will be ongoing, and expressed their intent to improve the game so that it can be played across different PC environments. Yet, for now, until any potential tweaks or improvements might happen, they also advise to be sure that your graphics card drivers and systems are all updated and ready to go.

On the PlayStation 5 version, if the console is suddenly turned off while playing a game or if your PS5 is in rest mode, your save data may not actually be saved. This data loss is an important issue that they have already begun working on a patch to fix. But until that patch is tested and ready, all PlayStation 5 players should begin to manually save regularly by exiting the game. Quitting the game where the option button then pressing the Home button to return to the PS5 home screen, then quitting the game application, should at least let you save your progress. It isn’t hard to imagine that this fix is a high priority, so we should expect this one soon and possibly first.

To read the full statement and for possible updates, head over to Elden Ring


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