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With Game Balance Settling, Lord of the Rings Online Devs Turn Eyes to the Beorning

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online team has posted a new thread on the official forums to let Beorning fans know that their time in the sun is coming "now that the main game balance is settling down a bit". Players can expect smaller changes in terms of overall playability, but some big changes in terms of quality of life.

As for what I'm going to change about the class - the answer is, probably not a huge amount. Beornings are fairly effective statistically speaking. Their DPS tends to be solid, if not monumental, their survivability is pretty good, and they can serve in groups as fairly effective members. They don't generally stand out of the crowd in any one way, but being something of a hybrid class that's sort of to be expected. So my main focus is going to be QoL improvements - making the class play more smoothly, fixing up outdated or lame skills, and trying to make them generally more fun to play. For some value of the word 'fun'.

Check out the full thread on the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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