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With Feedback and Concern Over Switch to Group Loot, Blizzard Responds To Clarify Goals and Improvements

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With Dragonflight set to launch on November 28th, Blizzard has been busy getting things tested in beta. This week, they revealed some significant changes to raid rewards including group-only loot rolls with the return of Need and Greed options, and now there’s a response to community feedback over the proposed loot changes.

Season 1 begins in December, and the first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, is both getting its beta test and will roll out with these changes. when it comes to having always-on Group loot as the only option, some shared concerns that this would mean such tiny odds for the effort. Developer Scarilizard chimed in to say that while this system won’t be changing, and will carry into Season 1, the team feels that improvements to Group loot has improved a lot since it was last shown in 2016. 

With the move to only have Group loot, some conceded that even with Personal loot, Blizzard has been implementing greater effort to try and get people a more equitable chance at appropriate gear, so there are some cases that these improvements should help to avoid past problems. Some examples include now the Need/Greed roll will not just know if something is the right armor type or equippable for you, it will now know if it serves your spec.

A number of rules and improvements should help players to have a chance at something that they need. There's also the decision to make items fully tradable with no restrictions to any player that had eligibility as a looter. 

There’s also the issue of transparency:

“As many in this thread have speculated, all players in Personal Loot were constantly ‘rolling’ behind the scenes, whether you wanted to or not. It’s not as simple as ‘with group loot you’re rolling against everyone, but in personal loot you’re rolling against fewer’. Changing to Group Loot for raids makes the process of loot acquisition and distribution more transparent and gives players more freedom to trade loot around and allocate it socially if they choose to do so.”

Read the full response at World of Warcraft.


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