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With EVE Online's New Player Experience a Success, CCP Talks What's Coming

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Recently, CCP has worked on and released several options to help new players feel more welcome in EVE Online. The team’s latest update, Building Better Capsuleers, reflects on that update, what worked well, what still needs some work, and plans for the coming months. 

The launch of the AIR NPE was received well and they note that there was a 30% increase to length of time spent in a players’ first session in EVE and a significant rise in how many people actually completed the NPE. The NPE is still a work in progress and getting polish and fixes all the time, and this month animated Aura, Vesper, and Boland will be added to the experience. The idea will also be to continue improving narratively as well.

When it comes to Skill Plans, these have also been received well. They’ve tracked thousands of Skill Plans that have been created since release and they continue improving the experience based on feedback. This month, Skill Plans will change so you will be able to drag your ship fittings in and populate the plan  with the required skills for that fitting. Next month, Corporation Skill Plans will be coming, along with a Skill Plans manager. Eventually you’ll be able to import and export skill plans. This month will also bring Corporation finder improvements, including filters and changes intended to improve matchmaking.

Another thing the CCP team notes is that Opportunities vary in how successful they are  when it comes to helping players acclimate to EVE Online. This month testing begins on a new feature that will suggest personalized content recommendations based on player actions and their preferences.

The overhaul of the EVE Academy page is also a success, with over 90% of respondents reporting that the new page has helped them get started and find their way initially. There have been six new videos published and this month's update will continue revamping the feature.

For more, see the full update on the EVE Online site.


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