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With Eternal Frost Coming Tuesday, New World Reveals Free and Premium Reward Tracks

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World’s next season is almost here, and the team has revealed all of the rewards you could get in the reward tracks for Eternal Frost. In addition to Artifacts and other useful items that might make your life easier, things get festive with a new emote, seasonal tool and weapon skins, and more.

Both the free and premium tracks will offer new cosmetic items, with the premium track also offering extra items, schematics, and 20,000 Marks of Fortune. The first 10 levels of the free track include a special seasonal welcome gift, food gift with a dozen cooking ingredients, Flower Firework emote permits, and seasonal dye. On the premium track, you start things off with a Musket of Eternal Frost skin, with two more skins in the first 10 levels, for the Hatchet and Staff. There’s also some guaranteed Pristine Gems.

Skins also include seasonal themed armor looks, with those sprinkled throughout the ranks. All of the rewards include a variety of helpful things like Transmog Tokens, gypsum orbs, Azoth Salt, coins, Marks of Fortune,  proficiency and XP boosters, gems, and a slew of crafting support items.

As for new Artifacts, those begin at level 20 of the free track, with Winged Leather Shoes Artifact Boots. Level 100 offers Quickdraw Artifact Gloves. If you don't complete all the tracks and obtain the offered Artifacts, the team says they will become available through other means after the season ends. 

On both tracks there are furniture chests, with free track players getting the furniture piece itself and premium track getting schematics for the pieces obtained. On the premium track, you can even earn yourself the Play Dead emote for whenever you’re potentially trying to dodge some trouble out in Aeternum.

It’s about to be a cold season in Aeternum (and in half of the world), but at least you can look prepared for the icy times ahead with a little effort.

See the full list at New World.


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