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With Early Access Starting Today, Breach Devs Provide a Peek at the Future

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Today marks a major milestone for Breach and the QC Games team as Steam Early Access kicks off. Early Access is, however, just the beginning and QC has posted a robust Early Access Roadmap that provides players with a look ahead at new features and systems that will be coming to the game between now and September.

Starting in Q1 2019, players can look forward to three new classes (Pyromancer, Shadow Master and Medic), a new map, new enemies and something called the Challenge System.

In Q2 2019, new Hero Classes will be introduced alongside a new game mode, a new map, new enemies, an Appearance Editor, story quests and a new Veil Demon.

In Q3 2019, several "new features" will be introduced alongside a new map, new story quests, a new map and another new Veil Demon.

We will be adding more classes of every variety, including new Veil Demons with never before seen mechanics!  The story will unfold with new quests and cinematics.  Your heroes will continue to explore Breach’s hybridized Modern-Mythological Earth with new Missions and Maps.  You will fight against or as new mythological beast and boss monsters.  We even have an entirely new 5v5 mode in the works!  Soon we will introduce a Challenges feature where you will be able to earn and show off your skills and accomplishments in the game.    

Check out the full post on the Breach site.


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