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With Alpha 2 in the Bag, Torchlight Frontiers Devs Share Key Takeaways

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As with any alpha event, Torchlight Frontiers players have had a lot to say about what they felt and experienced during the testing opportunity. The game's official site has a new post from the dev team about the key takeaways from the feedback they have received. 

Here's what they found:

  • character progression has been tuned but continues to be a work in progress that will "get better with each iteration"
  • Relic abilities were underwhelming and behaved in unexpected ways that players didn't enjoy. More iteration will be done to "make sure these weapons feel powerful and inspire cool character builds"
  • more resources will be focusing on QoL changes and bug fixing core systems "as we move closer to Open Beta"
  • a big difficulty spike after level 17 that will be reworked
  • Forged is receiving some love to make it a more durable choice
  • netherlings became "a lilac-colored murderball" that will be tuned
  • Dusk Mage was more popular than Forged

Check out the full post on the Torchlight Frontiers site.


Suzie Ford

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