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With a Week Under Its Belt, Big Things Are in Store for The Division 2

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Now that The Division 2 has been out for a week, developers are showcasing what the community can expect in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. Devs acknowledge the importance of player feedback to help track down issues to solve them as quickly as possible. The next patch will deal with some nagging issues including the Group Scaling bug that makes playing different leveled players nearly impossible. 

While there are no dates for the features listed below, they are in the works:

  • Rest of the Skill-reset reasons will be addressed
  • The rest of the group-scaling issues (the item quality part)
  • The issue when your character suddenly looks different will be addressed
  • Lost skins should be returned

Planned features, also undated, include console autorun, clan member name color change, strobe lighting issues, a field of view slider will be added and the scaling of the Skill Mods in World tiers are "being looked into".

A few fun stats from Yannik:

  • Headshots: 5.5B
  • Bullets Fired: 123B
  • XP Gained: 4.2 trillion
  • NPCs Killed: 3.9B
  • Birds Shot: 1.3M

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