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With 355k Apex Legends Cheaters Banned Already, Apex Legends Devs Say They've Just Begun

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In a new post on the Apex Legends Reddit, Community Manager Jay Frechette has revealed that over 355K cheaters have been banned since the game opened using "Easy-Anti-Cheat". While this is impressive in and of itself, Frechette also said that it is only the beginning. "We are working on improvements to combat cheaters," Frechette wrote. To do so, devs are working "directly with experts, both within and outside EA" as well as prepping a report feature for PC players.

In addition to the anti-cheat wars, Respawn is also working on:

  • work is underway to stop players from spamming during character select but devs are keeping the strategy "close to the chest" for the time being
  • AMD devs will be at the studio next week to work with Respawn on improved stability and performance and to stop crashes. A similar visit happened recently with devs from Nvidia
  • while some in the community have asked for a reconnect feature, it is unlikely one will be coming
  • the team is tracking down slow server performance at the start of each match

Read the full post on the Apex Legends Reddit.


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