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With 30 Patches Under the Conan Exiles Belt, Devs Look Ahead to 2019

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With 2018 rapidly coming to a close, the Conan Exiles team is taking a look back at the year that was before looking ahead to 2019. The latest community update takes a victory lap look at all of the content additions and improvements to the game throughout the year and proudly proclaims that "around 30 patches and hotfixes for the PC version of Conan Exiles" have been released since January.

There is a plan in place to add another "major patch to the Testlive branch" that is said to be an important one going forward:

This week we plan to release another major patch to the Testlive branch, containing some vital additions to the game. We are going to be rolling out the building optimizations, vastly improving how fast the game loads in building pieces across the board. This patch will also have several undermeshing fixes, which we will talk more about in the patch notes. Our plan is for the patch to sit on Testlive for several weeks, and roll it over to live once we’re satisfied with the state of the build. Testlive is available as a separate branch on Steam, or as a client you can download and install. See how to access it here

Going forward, our current focus is improving the core aspects of Conan Exiles in the next couple of months. This includes improving the Purge, fixing exploits, and improving AI and thralls. 

Read the full newsletter on the Conan Exiles site.


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