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Winter Update Systems Changes Detailed

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The Battleborn site has been updated with a new developer blog to detail the progress being made towards the Winter Update that will bring a number of changes into the game. Among the altered systems detailed in today's post are the core character unlock system, character select changes, and draft modes.

When the Winter Update goes live, all Battleborn characters will be unlocked once the prologue is completed. Character unlock challenges will see players receive new skins and previously unlocked Hero Keys will be returned.

Characters will now be displayed by type: Attacker, Defender, Support. Tabs will make selecting loadouts, skins, taunts easier to find. It will be easier to select a different hero without jumping through hoops. Lastly, players will be able to see the characters selected by opponents.

As for Draft Mode:

Ban/Pick Draft: Ban/pick Draft mode will be available in both public and private matches, allowing each team to take turns voting for their banned characters and creating their roster. Each team will vote on the characters to ban, and the characters with the highest amount of votes are removed from the match.

Read the full post on the Battleborn site.


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