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Winner for Star Citizen's Ship Showdown Crowned

Plus more this week

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The winner of Star Citizen’s Ship Showdown contest was finally crowned after a close call.

The choice was between the Carrack, Valkyrie, Eclipse, and Cutlass Black. However, in the end, Anvil’s explorer was named the winner. All of the semifinal ships will receive a free limited edition ship livery and themed shirt for their character, so there’s that.

Last week, the quarterly season of Inside Star Citizen concluded as well. The most recent episode discussed changes coming to Alpha 3.11. Additionally, if you missed it, check out this Alpha 3.10 postmortem.

Today will see the Narrative team provide the last debate on the Imperator’s Election. Wednesday will see the winners announced for the Fly Like a Pirate Screenshot contest. Finally, Friday will see an update to the Subscriber Vault as usual, in addition to an RSI newsletter. Additionally,  a new episode of Star Citizen Live will broadcast on the official Twitch channel. Of course, guests will be present, but will be announced later.


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