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Windwalkers - RPG Based on French Sci-Fi Novel

Neilie Johnson Posted:
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French production company Forge Animation has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of turning cult sci-fi novel La Horde du Contrevent into an RPG. Translating the story into English for the first time, they also hope to create an accompanying comic book and film based on it.

The ambitious game, called Windwalkers, continues the novel's story of a civilization bent on discovering the source of all winds and will combine elements of action, adventure and survival gameplay with role-playing mechanics. Players will unite in groups called Hordes to face countless dangers including the devious"Chasers." 

“The Windwalkers project is a rich, complex and enthralling masterpiece for fans of great Sci-Fi storytelling across all media,” said Hervé Trouillet, founder of Forge Animation.  “With the support of our Kickstarter community, we will produce an epic transmedia experience that will bring this fan favorite story to the rest of the world, for the first time, as it has never been translated outside of the French language until now.”

Forge Animation is made up of veteran creatives with titles like Avatar, Final Fantasy and The Hobbit under their belts.

For more information about the Windwalkers project, check out the Forge Animation website.


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