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WildStar Offers Its Players One Last Boss Hunter Challenge

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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From September 21st to September 28th, WildStar players can take on the new Boss Hunter Challenge. While the game may be closing in the near future, the event offers players a chance to revisit the game and to defeat the most awesome world boss monsters and legendary champions found in the game. 

During the Boss Hunter Challenge, every time you or your party slays a World Boss or Legendary Champion, they have a 100% chance to drop a new Shiny Token you can turn in at a vendor in your capital city, along with a lockbox key (normally only available for purchase from the In-Game Store for Protobucks or OmniBits). Normal creatures you find throughout the overworld of Nexus have a small chance to drop a Shiny Token as well, so it’ll pay to get some other questing done during the event, too.

Of course, what event is any fun without rewards, and this one is no exception. Players can take home dyes, a hoverboard, costumes, pets and more...at least for a little while.

Grab all the details on the WildStar site.


Suzie Ford

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