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Wild Terra 2 Shares 2020 Roadmap

New continent, features, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Wild Terra 2 team has provided a roadmap which outlines what they have planned for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and throughout 2020.

The summer is set to receive a host of new features and tweaks. For example, the central city of the mainland is set to receive NPCs and quests. Additionally, new mainland locations will be added, including snow-capped mountains, a tavern, and more.

Agriculture will receive some updates, including the ability to grow vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, trees, and flowers. The same can be said about cooking, where you’ll be able to craft new dishes, new tools, and ovens. You’ll also be able to manufacture crockery and clay products. Finally, tanners will be able to make bags and belts.

The fall will see a new cartography skill, in addition to more mainland territories like Port City. Livestock and breeding, in addition to trading via in-game currency and auctions are also touched on. A special guild dungeon with activities and bosses will be introduced, along with new updated chat features.

Winter will see a Witchcraft skill. The big update looks to be a new continent, new biomes, territories, monsters, and bosses. Castles and sieges are also included. Throughout 2020, the team will continue adding new weapons, new buildings, skills, pets, monster, equipment, resources, recipes, and quests.


Poorna Shankar