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Wild Terra 2 Community Update Outlines City, Agriculture

Plus teases a new dungeon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Wild Terra 2 team posted a recent update on Steam discussing agriculture, Central City, and a new dungeon.

The city will feature merchants and artisans. You’ll be able to grab quests from them, in addition to selling items, in addition to buying recipes and consumables. The team plans to add a bank warehouse as well, in addition to the ability to buy a home for furnishing.

A new dungeon was teased as well, but details were light in this regard,

“The story and monsters for the new location have been worked out. It will be a snow-covered mountainous area where guards live, holding back the onslaught of monsters from the dungeon. New quests, a new type of metal, new equipment, new monsters, and bosses are waiting for you!”

The team also wants to launch agriculture later this month. The system will include several stages such as crop growth, plant breeding, tools, pests, diseases, weeds, and more. Wild Terra 2 is already available if you’re a backer. It’s set to enter Early Access towards the end of this year.


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