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Wil Wheaton is Emperor Crusher from the Mirror Universe in New Update Star Trek Online: Ascension

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Star Trek Online: Ascension, the latest story content update for the game is now live, and the threats of the Mirror Universe remain. This time, Wil Wheaton returns to Star Trek in the role of Emperor Crusher, the Mirror Universe version of the Wesley Crusher we know. 

This latest update continues exploring some of the darker sides of Star Trek, featuring Emperor Crusher, who wields Traveler powers, has built a relationship with the Mirror version of V’ger, the mysterious sentient lifeform originally encountered by the Federation. V’ger, which appeared in The Calling mission earlier, is also known as “the Other". This entity caused massive destruction, so aligned with the emperor, you can probably imagine the threat this time around.

Explore this latest update, including battling inside of "The Other” in a new Task Force Operation called Storm Chasers. 

Star Trek Online is also running an event called The Emperor’s Will, which combines some of the Terran content. If you participate for 20 days, you’ll earn yourself a brand new ship, the Terran Somerville (T6). The new Storm Chasers TFO is one way you can earn progress in this event.

Also included in the update is a free Elite Bridge Officer training token. If you use this on one of your Bridge Officers, they’ll get ultra rare rarity, and some additional slots - Kit Frame, Device, and Personal Ground Trait slots.

Read the update details over at Star Trek Online.


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